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CHAT: centos Re: CHAT: farragos

From:Jonathan Chang <zhang2323@...>
Date:Tuesday, June 6, 2000, 19:42
In a message dated 2000/06/06 03:06:21 PM, you wrote:

>*farrago: a confused mixture < Latin, mixed fodder < *far* 'spelt, barley'
There is an interestin' poetic form called _cento_ as well. Cento - in Latin- means "patchwork" & in the poetic sense of the word it means a poem made up from other authors' phrases. By The Way, I have been working on a series of Centos (somewhat in response to Ezra Pound's _Cantos_). But on the whole, my Centos are closer in spirit (pardon the pun) to Thomas Merton's last two poetic works: _Cables to the Ace_ & Logagria_ (sp?) (in which Merton used a cento-like methodology to create a modern epic poem/prose-work outta of wordplay & cultural anthropolgy, ... in some sections, an examination of Papua NiuGini [Tok Pisin spelin] & the Cargo Cult. Merton's last epic poems are a very under-appreciated series of poetic work and have interesting conculture aspects/possibilities.) zHANg