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Conlang Journal: deadline for submission of articles: 23rd June 2002

From:Christophe Grandsire <christophe.grandsire@...>
Date:Monday, June 17, 2002, 9:47
Yep, the deadline is getting nearer, this Sunday is the limit for people to
submit their articles to the International Journal of Language Construction.
Note that the limit doesn't mean that you are not allowed to submit your
articles, but that I cannot assure you that those submitted after the deadline
will find their way in this issue of the Journal (that's for the people who
would find me a bit too dictatorial ;))) ).

As before, the different formats that are accepted are, in order of preference:
LaTeX, RTF, Word, WordPerfect and HTML. Plain Text should be avoided (come on,
you can probably at least send RTF ;))) ), except for very small articles (a
few paragraphs in pure English) which wouldn't need much conversion anyway.
Articles in other languages than English, especially in conlangs, are more than
welcome, as long as they come with an English version. Pictures are to be sent
separately, even when they are embedded in a Word or WordPerfect file. It's
just to ensure that if my converters don't swallow the pictures, I can always
retrieve them from somewhere else. Don't worry too much about the layout of
your articles, I'll take care of that. Still, try to keep them structured,
especially if they are long (if you use sections or things like that, keep them
consistent or have them automatically numbered). The final document will be in
LaTeX, and it's quite difficult to make unstructured documents in LaTeX :)) .
As for fonts, try to make anything that could look strange into pictures,
unless you have Type 1 fonts of your scripts and can explain me how to add them
to a LaTeX file :)) . If you cannot, I will do the conversion but I cannot
ensure that the quality will be optimum :(( . Don't worry about IPA, I have
good fonts for that. If you can't do IPA, at least do X-SAMPA, so that I can
transcribe it correctly (I don't know the other ASCIIfications well enough to
assure you that I will transcribe them correctly without spending a lot of
time :(( ).

As for the contents of the articles, as I already said you're absolutely free,
as long as it has a connection (even remote) to conlanging. So apart from
language reviews and language features, analyses of natlangs with conlang
views, or language critiques, you can put website or book critiques, calls or
proposals for translation exercises, for conlang meetings all over the world,
reports about those meetings, reports about conlang relays, talk about some
personal experience related to conlanging that you didn't put on the list
because it was held at that moment ;))) , etc... Texts with interlinears and/or
translations are more than welcome, as well as nice colourful articles plenty
of images (go ahead, don't be shy! :)) ).

Of course, all submissions should be sent privately to If you would like to receive the Journal
but haven't requested it yet, simply drop a line at the same address, so that I
can add your e-mail address to my list.

For those who were expecting me to send them the document classes to write
articles in LaTeX using the layout of the Journal, I'm really sorry but I
cannot finish writing the classes on time (I'm at the end but I won't finish
before Sunday :(( ), so you cannot use them for this issue. But don't worry,
when I've finished them and tested them on the first issue of the Journal, I
will send them to you :) .

Well, if you think that I forgot something important, don't hesitate to tell
me, I will correct the mistake.


Take your life as a movie: do not let anybody else play the leading role.


H. S. Teoh <hsteoh@...>