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Re: OT: Relativity (Was: OT: Helen Keller & Whorf-Sapir)

From:Mark P. Line <mark@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 17, 2004, 20:57
Caleb said:
> > This same type of paradox could also be acheived via 'normal' FTL > travel, without the help of wormholes. Scientists are seriously > studying wormholes, though, to see if there is any theoretical way to > allow FTL travel without causing a time paradox (which most > scientists feel are forbidden by physics).
Time paradoxes are not only not forbidden in QED, the time-travelling objects themselves are observed as a matter of course. (Unfortunately, we observe everything as though it were travelling forward through time, but that doesn't change the underlying physics.) Relativity physicists simply haven't caught up with the repeal of the Law of Causality. Once they do, most of them should be able to see more clearly that the equations are talking about observations of one system made by another system, and that properties involving mass, energy, space and time have no referent when applied to only one system "absolutely". Interestingly, one of the few ontologically unbefuddled interpretations of quantum mechanics says the same thing for the most fundamental level of physical reality: quantum states are properties of two systems in interaction, not of one system by itself, for which such states simply do not exist. If you wanted to describe the quantum state of the universe, you'd have to divide the universe into two parts to do so.
> In fact, so far as I can tell, once you admit FTL, time-travel becomes > almost trivially easy.
The equations only talk about an object being *observed* to travel backwards through time with respect to the observer's frame of reference. Unfortunately, that's not the same thing as actually travelling backwards through time, for which there is still no method (at least not for macroscopic objects) even if you *can* accelerate yourself past the speed of light. -- Mark Mark P. Line Polymathix San Antonio, TX