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Re: Improved (Short) Ygyde

From:Andrew Nowicki <andrew@...>
Date:Thursday, April 17, 2003, 15:57
Joe Fatula wrote:

JF> Some of the current roots don't have a whole lot
JF> of application.  Right now you have among the 180
JF> most necessary word roots the following:

JF> helix
JF> torus
JF> atom
JF> fetus
JF> zygote
JF> genetic
JF> elastic
JF> repulsive

JF> I don't think most people need these concepts very often.
JF> I think it's been several years since I used the word
JF> "zygote", and I haven't needed "helix" very often at all.
JF> I think a word like "wood" would be far more useful of a
JF> root than "zygote".

Fetus and zygote are predefined words, but not root words.
Helix is useful to describe flora. Wood, steel, plastic, rubber
glass, etc. would be useful root words. I have to use two
root words to describe these materials. Other root words are
very useful - you can see how I used them in the dictionary.

JF> I'm not so sure about that.  In a philosophical language,
JF> one where words are logically formed from simpler roots,
JF> you shouldn't have to define any compound words at all
JF> - they should be naturally understandable.

Word "apology" has similar meaning to the word "excuse".
I cannot think of any root words that would convey the
difference in a way that is not ambiguous.