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Improved (Short) Ygyde

From:Andrew Nowicki <andrew@...>
Date:Sunday, April 13, 2003, 17:53
Some 7 letters long words of the Ygyde language sound
like a staccato. I made them shorter by removing either
second identical vowel or second identical consonant.
The shorter words sound better. Examples:

angular velocity = ozilaly == ozilay = "noun mobile angle number"
adhesive bandage = ybiliwa == ybilwa = "noun sticky medical tape"
border, edge = ytutini == ytuini = "noun inner outer path"
clay = ybibafe == ybiafe = "noun sticky geological powder"
decision = ynynona == ynyona = "noun false true calculation"
eel = ybubobo == ybuobo = "noun slippery wet animal"
material = ojoloso == ojolso = "noun clean atom group"
nail polish = owewawy == oweawy = "noun pretty tape surface"

Ygyde description:
Ygyde dictionary:


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