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Re: A Proposition

From:Barry Garcia <barry_garcia@...>
Date:Friday, March 23, 2001, 22:18
>>Hey, now. Don't make the assumption that all Mac users are computer >>illiterate. I'm a Mac user because it works better than Windows, > >Same here! As I lecture in computer science for a living (and have a >master's degree in it), I don't think I can be called computer illiterate. >I use a Mac out of deliberate choice.
Well, after using both Macs and PC's in classes at my University, i'll just say that *IMHO*, neither platform is better than the other (in fact, i remember the Macs crashing a lot more than the PC's did). I'll use either, but I like PC's a little more. And that's that :). And on the original topic: My email program would probably mangle emails in another font. I've noticed that within the system (we use an Intranet program called "First Class"), you can do fancy fonts, but for outside emails, it gets set to something like Arial automatically. So, the mail would get mangled. However, i can do special characters like: ç, ñ, â, ö and the like, but i dont think it would read emails in that IPA font correctly. ____________________________ Yours truly, Cesar Javier Jaime Garcia


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