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Re: A New Language

From:Mau Rauszer <maurauser@...>
Date:Saturday, August 17, 2002, 15:58
Florian Rivoal  <florian@...> 2002.08.17. 12:58:00 +8h-kor írta:

> I have been working on a new language for a while. It started off in a > previous as a eclectic language with a minimal grammar and lexicon. > Since I have revived it, I went through my language grammars and added > rules mostly at random and worked out how it fits together.
Myáni, (well), what about the speakers (I like ton be informed about the background of a lang [if there exists something like that]).
> The working name of the language is 2.0, for now. > > For an introductory translation, I took Mau's armadillo lullaby and > translated it, taking some liberties with the text as the speakers of > 2.0 are neither cats nor armadillos.
Well, thanks for using it. It means a lot to me. :) I'm gonna put this work into my LW folder where I collect all important stuff about it.
> He, corhyin! Me sapilin't belt > Yahda to timo mulit da curishen, savo^! > Kshanane vinsenya, > Ga hyodi sapilt to po^maca sangust. > Jid mir, me^ bramna dim, > Stanyat ti curan, pilamegu.
Myáni, this lang has a nice taste. I personally love the sounding of "Jid mir, me^ bramna dim".
> A break down of the poem, with annotations: > > He, cor.hyin! Me't bel.t > VOC child.DIM 1s know.REL.2s want.PRES > Hey, kid! I know what you want > > The relative suffix -in follows a verb of speaking or thinking. It > cannot be used independantly. The pronoun following it has been > reduced. > > The verb ending -t is commonly found for the second and third person of > the verb. > > Yahda to mulit da curish.en, sa.vo^! > CONJ 3s be.NEG occasion INF sleep.INF CAUS.see.IMP > But this is not the time to sleep, make like you see! > > There is no personal pronoun for the third person. The common > demonstrative pronoun 'to' is used instead.
You mean they don't distinguish the second and third person? Hm. Interestingly weird. Just a question: do this lang have gender?
> Ti is the common present tense of the verb to be for the second and > third person. > > The negative ending -mo was cannibalised from Welsh and indicates the > following word is definite. For some strange reason one of the few > places where 2.0 makes a clear distinction between definite and > indefinite nouns is in the negative object. Weird. > > Mulit is a verbal noun that means falling. Here I use it to mean > moment, time, occasion. In another translation which I will post later > it means rain. > > vins.en.ya, > sky.person.PL win.INF.COND > The shining ones would conquer,
Is the cluster |ny| confluing into /J/ or should be pronounced strictly as /nj/? I tried to say like that but it was tiresome for my tongue.
> The metaphysics of the 2.0-speakers is still under negotiation, but I > have decided that they are polytheists. The kshanane are the gods that > dwell specifically in the heavens. Kshan- is a variant of the standard > word kyan, sky. > I like the cluster /kS/.
Me too. In an older stage of LW I used |sh| for /kS/ but later I found that it don't fit into their taste. Hwe, I leave LW alone now 'cuz I'm always talking about it. But aren't the triagraph |ksh| too long for a frequent sound?
> Ga hyodi sapil.t to po^maca sa.ngus.t > PL people know.PRES 3s CONJ PL CAUS.hear.INF > People know that and listen. > > The plural verb always takes the plural marker 'ga'. Hyodi, people, has > no singular form. The conjunction po^maca implies subsequent action. > > Jid mir, me^ bramna dim, > come.IMP to_speaker 1s.POSS sister to.1s > Come, my sister, > > 2.0 has several verbs meaning to come or go which is complicated by the > use of directional markers to and from the speaker. Note the possessed > noun is doubly reinforced. > > Stanyat ti curan, pilam.egu. > future be.PRES beautiful light.rule > The future is beautiful, a world of light. >
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