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USAGE: Scots

From:Ted E. Saratoga <tedetedet@...>
Date:Saturday, July 13, 2002, 16:32
 John, Is there any website on the form of Scots used in the recentlytranslated
Bible.?? Does it have a name.??--- On Sat 07/13, John Cowan &lt;
jcowan@REUTERSHEALTH.COM &gt; wrote:From: John Cowan [mailto:
USAGE: Scots (was: Immigrants' Effect on English)&gt;Well, Scots is a separate
descendant of Old English, with its ownmorphosyntax, phonology, writing
conventions, and so on. Until about1600, this is uncontroversial. After that,
Scots became less and lessused for "high" purposes and pushed into the purely
colloquial role,being displaced for literary, legal, and such like purposes by
StandardEnglish, or various approximations to it. Are you in Scotland?? &gt;Now
we have a diglossicsituation in Scotland with many people speaking Scots at
homeand Scots-flavored English ("Scottish English") everywhere else.&gt;It's
pretty much like the situation in Italy, where there are variouslocal dialects
ich are really separate languages, and then thereare varieties of Italian which
are influenced by those dialectsand spoken in the same regions.&gt;The Scots
literary tradition never died, though, and got a bigboost in the late 20th
century by the translation of the New Testamentinto Scots Has this helped to
standardize the current language? Suchthings often do. &gt; (only the Devil
speaks Standard English). Well known fact. :-) Most of us are familiar with
some phonetic and vocabulary differences,but what grammatical features has
Scots that diffier from the English?? When is the word order different??

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