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Re: Strictly OT - conworlding with 92% or thereabouts commonality with current universe

From:John Vertical <johnvertical@...>
Date:Sunday, January 6, 2008, 18:41
>Den 4. jan. 2008 kl. 17.15 skreiv John Vertical: >> >> the subject line reminded me more of an idea I've entertained a bit but >> not developed too far yet: an universe where quantum chromodynamics >> has been fudged with a bit, with the result that uneven nuclei are >> more stable than even. Chemistry, cosmology etc. are as usual, the >> world's just made of like boron and nitrogen etc moreso than carbon >> and oxygen... > >That's interesting. Have you made up any isotopic abundance tables?
Well, as I said it's not too far developed. I have some preliminary stability tables, and only in terms of ±stable & local peaks, not actual nuclear binding energies; and even when I do get those sorted out, getting from them to abundances is going to take some stello-evolutionarics.
>Do nuclei in your conworld have any shell structure?
Not planning to go too much into that, as this is all operating on the principle that QCD > nucleus stability (which is just about the only thing that really matters) is mostly a black box. But since all the extant stability peaks are at multiples of 4, I'm thinking of having mine at multiples of 3 (excusing 6, obviously.)
>Carbon-based life must be even rarer in that universe than it is in ours.
Probably, but I'd expect there would still be enuff of it. Nitrogen's not too rare an element, which would point to there still being appreciable amounts of carbon in this conuniverse. I think there being more fluorine than oxygen is going to be a bigger worry! Or shall we say, the fun part ;) - I have no plans for specifically introducing life here. John Vertical


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