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From:J Y S Czhang <czhang23@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 11, 2003, 17:35
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>A goose down landing and anxiety disappears. You're in a far-off land, >but things don't seem so distant. You've planned well. Confidence is on >your side when you speak the language. Take me to my hotel, please…Thanks. >A room service call later and you're relaxing in bed, sipping a glass of >wine and watching the annual street fair on the local news. > >Today is for jetlag, then tomorrow that important meeting. That street >fair. Why not? You tour the place and tastes, taking pictures along the >way, until you saunter through a market's door. Chocolate, cheese, and >wine. A few treasures to take home, but the setting sun lets you know that >this delightful day is nearly done. You deviate a little on the way back >to your hotel and find yourself in a popular meeting place engrossed in >conversation. You listen, laugh, chat – a variety of subjects – but when >jetlag starts to set in, you decide it's probably time to get some sleep. > >Your Big Day's today. You graciously receive everyone in their own language >and engage them with a few of the jokes you learned the night before. Their >laughter is your signal to begin. Your proposal resonates well with all. >You could've translated it, but why? They learn those business terms in >English, anyway. But you would have been hard-pressed to ease the tension >in English and there's no way you'd have learned to use new language on >the fly. Your new abilities to improvise, speak, listen, and learn in another >language paid off by building your confidence and rapport. Your Pimsleur >audio course was definitely worth it! > >The Pimsleur Approach Means Language Learning > >Pimsleur courses are designed specifically to help people like you. People >who need to learn foreign languages fast, fluently, and forever. Dr. Pimsleur >was a language educator for 40 years. His revolutionary language learning >approach was first unveiled to the Harvard community in 1980. Since then, >more than 25 million Pimsleur courses have been sold. Even the FBI, CIA, >and NSA use Pimsleur courses. The Pimsleur approach is that good! > >Speak a New Way or You Don't Pay > >It's simple. Each course takes a team of linguists over 2000 hours to
>yet you can learn to speak a foreign language in 30 days or less. You can >practice in your car, on the plane, or on a train. If you are dissatisfied, >we offer a full and courteous refund. > >Click one of the links below to learn more about
>courses or call us at 866-204-7139 (toll-free US) / +1 202-266-3328
> >Our Most Popular Languages: > >Spanish : > >Japanese : > >Chinese (Mandarin) : > >Russian : > >French : > >German : > >Italian : > >English : > > >Our Most Exotic Languages: > >Albanian : > >Arabic (Eastern) : > >Arabic (Egyptian) : > >Armenian (Eastern) : > >Armenian (Western) : > >Chinese (Cantonese) : > >Croatian : > >Czech : > >Danish : > >Dutch : > >Farsi : > >German (Swiss) : > >Greek (Modern) : > >Haitian : > >Hebrew (Modern) : > >Hindi : > >Indonesian : > >Korean : > >Lithuanian : > >Norwegian : > >Ojibwe : > >Polish : > >Portuguese (Brazilian) : > >Portuguese (Continental) : > >Romanian : > >Swahili : > >Swedish : > >Thai : > >Twi : > >Ukrainian : > >Vietnamese :
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