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Re: rotokas; practical syllabarology; et alia

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 16, 2004, 6:03
Herman Miller wrote:

> All the examples of Rotokas I have are from _Laboratory Manual for > Morphology and Syntax_ (one of the textbooks from a morphology class I > took back in the mid-80s, published by SIL). Here's a few examples > selected at random.
Oh boy, sentences!!! (Even if, as you say, they don't always strike one as idiomatic.......but it looks like an interesting language.)
> > karerovoviroravere "I will begin to return all the way."
makasito mamaçan riyun {??not sure how they mean 'all the way') I-begin-fut. I-return there(distant)
> > kakaeto uriopa kepa iava "The boy is coming from the house."
andi (ya) yarata alo punayi boy (that[masc.]) 3s-come from house-gen. (In speech, one would avoid two ya's in a row)
> > ikauvira raga pouviroaepa "They arrived only momentarily."
iratasa nasanipo ~ ....nasani cosapo 3pl-come just-for-a-moment ~moment go-just(=ago)
> > voropato aiteva uriopa "The hunter is coming with father."
kacohi (ya) yarata yam aman (~amambi?) AGT-hunt (that) 3s-come with father-acc (
> > ragai urioraverea rovopakekiraia "I will come in January (remote)."
maratato anju açumbres 1s-come-fut when 1st-month
> > rerapa opuruva kipuriva "You painted a canoe for him."
harungunisa lofi uçoñi 2s-caus-paint-past canoe benefit-his
> > vi papapakepa voririva ipavira "You bought the airplane in the mountains."
(Assuming papapakepa = airplane, I wonder if it's based on the word for 'butterfly') hatrakasa pratundri (r)i surañaç 2s-buy-past airplane-def LOC mountain-pl(acc) airplane: pratur < apral 'device, machine' + tur 'fly, float in air'
> > vi wiliwili vorepieriva "You made the bicycle come back."
harumeksa re yetroni yamaçan 2s-cause-past THAT bicycle-def. 3s-return yetro < eyet 'wheel' + ro 'two'
> > rera siraorovere voeaia oea oiraia siposipoavere "He will sorrow for > them who will teach her."
iyavando uçoñi nili re ne içivatro (or for ne substitute iyene which is marked feminine) 3s-grieve-fut. benefit-its them-gen. REL 3s-dat 3pl-teach-fut.
> > A lot of these seem like made up examples. It doesn't seem likely that > anyone ever said "you bought the airplane in the mountains."
Perhaps more sensible than buying a boat in the mountains........


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