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Re: Invented alphabet on the computer

From:Arthaey Angosii <arthaey@...>
Date:Sunday, September 8, 2002, 5:59
Emaelivpahr Tim May:
>Arthaey Angosii writes: > > > > > >Interesting scripts. Can you tell us some more about them? How's the >second one written?
Thank you. :) The first example is my first conscript, created for my first conlang, Asha'ille. Unfortunately, the conscript is heavily based on the Latin alphabet and I've had to explain away this by admitting that it _is_ based on the Latin alphabet. It is (at least) the third script the Cresaeans (the species that speaks Asha'ille) have used for their language, this being the Terranized version of one of their native scripts (which I haven't font-ified yet). They adopted the Terranized form for writings that were meant to be shared between themselves and the Terrans. The (mostly) connected script along the baseline of the script represents the consonants, while the smaller marks floating above represent the vowels. I created this before I knew Arabic did the same, so it wasn't a copycat. :P The second example is used for Gharchove, the parent language of Asha'ille. For temporary, "portable" writing they impress their claws into thin clay tablets (or clay-like, I'm not sure). They also have a sacred cave where they gather together all their writings and carve them into the walls of the cavern system. The wider end of the teardrop shapes is also the deeper end, when the writing is impressed/carved. The teardrops are the consonants and the thin L-shaped marks are the vowels. I don't know how the Asha'illens write their script, but they need to have developed some portable, durable way to do so. The Kegharn (the species that speaks Gharchove) will kill a Cresaean on sight if they're in the sacred cave, so the Cresaeans couldn't follow that tradition of a community library of historical writings. Besides, I want the Cresaeans to be the "more advanced" ones. ;) -- Arthaey