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Re: Relay using somebody else's conlang (Was: Re: Fifth Conlang Translation Relay finished!)

From:The Keenans <makeenan@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 16, 2002, 1:31
William Annis wrote:
> > >From: Philip Newton <Philip.Newton@...> > > > > > > Yep. I created a mailing list just for Vaior so I could keep > track of the various oddities and questions a friend of mine kept > coming up with. Reading through the back posts can be quite > interesting. My favorite example is related to the existential > prefixes that Vaior has: > > > > These themselves came out of a discussion from my friend learning the > language. At any rate, he started prefixing these to verbs, which are > already tensed, and asked me what it meant.
---- Which is exactly what happens to language when it gets out into the wild. (ie.soenone else speaks it) They break the rules and ccome up with new uses and its something that should happen to all languages -Duke
> wm