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Re: Who's crazy?

From:Herman Miller <hmiller@...>
Date:Monday, November 19, 2001, 2:06
On Sat, 17 Nov 2001 21:04:41 EST, David Peterson <DigitalScream@...>

>In a message dated 11/17/01 3:45:44 PM, Fuscian@AOL.COM writes: > ><< A translation exercise see I?? >> > > I also! > >?oj dZafakaki, Zoj dZafakakii, noj ?AsImuT dZafakaki! >I be crazy-pr. you be crazy-pres. we all of be crazy present
Depending on which meaning of "crazy" is intended, this could be translated differently, but I'll assume "insane". My system of evidential/tense suffixes has been undergoing revision, and I don't have the latest copy of the documentation on my laptop. If I'm crazy, I probably don't care much about evidentials in any case. So I'll leave them out. Lègjarhij, règjarhij, lhègjarhij naj. lè-gjarhi-j rè-gjarhi-j lhè-gjarhi-j naj 1s-insane-* 2s-insane-* 1p -insane-* all *the final -j signifies a verb form that is inspecific with regard to tense or aspect. -- languages of Azir------> ---<>--- hmiller (Herman Miller) "If all Printers were determin'd not to print any email password: thing till they were sure it would offend no body, \ "Subject: teamouse" / there would be very little printed." -Ben Franklin