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From:John C. <grex37@...>
Date:Monday, January 27, 2003, 0:50
       I am new here and would like to thank the people who helped direct me
to registration at Listserv. But...
       I have a problem here. I am new to language design (I'm 15 and started
last fall) and I need some help. I'd really appreciate it. I'm designing a
language and so far I
have created a Conditional mood (I could run, You may go), an Indicative mood
(I come, You are seeing), and an Imerative mood (Come here), but I am having
trouble designing a Subjunctive mood (or atleast something close to it...
something that expresses hypothesis or a "what if" scenario). To be honest, I
am not sure I understand this mood completely. English barely has one and its
hard to think outside the "box" on this one for me... damn those English
mental constraints! I am trying to express a "what if" mood, like (I would
go, The car could have broken down) but am having trouble as to setting it
up. Is it a division of the conditional? What auxilary verbs can you use with
it... I know you can use "can" and "will" i.e. could and would, but how
extensive does it go?Does anyone have any suggestions? Can you use it with a
past, present, AND future tense (my language has a future tense unlike
English)? Does anyone have a website completely describing their language's
Subjunctive or anything close to it? I would like to model mine off of
that...I'd really appreciate it.

John Carazzo

"Live The Dream" - John Z. DeLorean


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