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Quenya/Silindion (Was: Starlings' Song: Nindic Translation)

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Friday, March 22, 2002, 22:55
Aniye Daniel Andreasson:

> Elliott Lash wrote: > > > Agaeth hoegin lhaern, cawro mellegad nos i'leiron > > es chygrad no herodd nardelchar nenarad, > > es thawrnad teger meddryn eluid, > > bawl lui nachen tili nathad nos i nerid? > > Very nice! It looks very Sindariny (as compared to its > relative Silindion which looks very Quenyaish).
Hehe, thanks! That's vaguely the point, tho I prefer to call it very Welshy..just because it was more consciously designed after all the Welsh material I have..and love.
> I've been meaning to ask this about Silindion for some > time now. You say that it's not that inspired by Quenya > IIRC), but still, there are lots of words that are the > same in Silindion and Quenya (at least, that's my impression > from the postings on Silindion).
lots of words? hmm...well, with the exception of AIYA (see below), it's mostly little particles..and even then, not really. The general sound is Quenya-like, since it's phonology is similar, although the phonotactics are very different...a lot of syllable types occur in Silindion that are totally foreign to Quenya, also, there are alot more clusters and such. The real way Quenya influenced Silindion was orthography, and general feel.
> For instance, the greeting _Aiya_ in both langs, being > the most obvious example. The _-Cya_ pronominal endings, > _ta_ 'that' and _ve_ 'as, while' (which is 'as, like' > in Quenya, iirc.), etc.
Aiya?! Greeting? What? where? That's not Silindion..I don't think I've ever written that :) -Cya pronominal endings..yeah, very dirrectly Quenya inspired, but note it's only a genitive ending. TA "that", might as well have been from Indo-European. In fact, a lot of ROOTS are Indo-European inspired, or, the semantics of ROOTS are Indo-European inspired. Ve "as"..yeah, from Quenya. Other than that, I dont know any other major words in the things I've shown here or in the main lexicon that are the same in Quenya and in Silindion... nore "tree" is similar to Quenya nore "land",'s not at all inspired from it. Nore "tree" comes from *na:rai, an old infinitive from the ROOT *na: "grow"
> Is this a conscious move or unconscious or something > else? Or have I misunderstood the whole thing?
Actually..I dont even know, much of the Quenya inspired items come from my cursory examination of Quenya, several years ago, but it's definitly conscious, since I really like Quenya. and anyone who's interested...visit the website: put together by Christophe Grandsire. :) Elliott Lash


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