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Re: Congames (was Re: Names of chess pieces in (con)langs)

From:Phil Bordelon <phil@...>
Date:Saturday, March 25, 2006, 23:13
David J. Peterson wrote:

> So, this leads to the question regarding the change in the title: > Any other congames out there? If so, are there rules up somewhere? > When me, my girlfriend, and her siblings (three of them) get together, > we pretty much do nothing but play games. We're always looking > for new ones. :)
<delurk> I invented an abstract strategy game for a world (and language) that I've been tinkering with off and on for years. The name is 'Caeth,' after its country of origin. "Standard" Caeth in the conworld is played on a board based on that of Hex. It turns out that Caeth is really a metarule that can be applied to lots of different connection games (although they don't do that in the conworld). I actually implemented a version of Caeth Y (which is the Caeth metarule applied to Y) for Richard Rognlie's Play-by-eMail server: More details about the metarule were in Cameron Browne's book _Connection Games_, and someone recently invented a new game (Pentreca) that uses some of the ideas from Caeth. There are actually three different versions of Caeth (Anu, Det, and Cha, which are the first three numbers in the aforementioned conlang); the implemented version is Caeth Anu. Det and Cha require /much/ larger boards, as they tend to be much more energetic. If anyone wants to humilate the game's inventor by playing a game against him, feel free to challenge me on the pbmserv. I'm 'phil' there (shock horror!) You'll probably win. I'm terrible at my own games. (I've invented a few other games, but they aren't conlang-related, so I'll refrain from any more self-aggrandizement.) P </delurk>