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Re: do be do be do

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Thursday, May 27, 1999, 1:19
FFlores wrote:
> In any case, if there were no verb "do" to be used > more or less as in English, another verb (or grammar > artifact) would surely fill in its space.
Perhaps tense/aspect-auxilaries could be used, that is: fut-2S go = You will go fut-2S what? = What will you do? No real need for a verb "to do", it's just there cause English requires that an actual verb be present, *What will you? is ungrammatical in English. -- "It's bad manners to talk about ropes in the house of a man whose father was hanged." - Irish proverb ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-name: NikTailor