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Re: The future of (C-X-)SAMPA (was: New listserv, better unicode?)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Thursday, June 30, 2005, 19:42
Stephen Mulraney wrote:
> PS.. Do my messages come through mangled? In general, or just when > Iinclude Unicode. I'm thinking of the copy of one of my emails yesterday > thatI saw through it being quoted in a reply of Mark's - it lacked > linebreaks ina semi-thorough way
Apparently just when you include Unicode; this one had no line breaks. None of the IPA showed up. With ref. to the trials that Taliesin sent: vowel-macrons OK, haceks OK in his version, not when copied into another msg. Hardly any IPA; Cyrillic and Greek OK, but whatever was in between no (Georgian?). The last string OK thru eng, but there was a box after that. OTOH Tim May's Georgian and other chars. came thru, for the most part. AFAIC it's a puzzlement :-((( I have to use MSN for my email, and its treatment of unicode seems pretty random; some msgs come thru fine, others not, even when I switch the encoding. So, long live CXS!!