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The future of (C-X-)SAMPA (was: New listserv, better unicode?)

From:Remi Villatel <maxilys@...>
Date:Thursday, June 30, 2005, 0:09
Hi there,

One question came to mind when I saw all this Unicode stuff on the list:

Is there still a use for CXS if everybody switches to Unicode? Or are we
just too used to CXS that we won't switch to IPA at the same time?

/ske sule viflij teo'kja./ [s̪g̊e̞ː s̪ɯɽe̞ βiɸɽiʝ tʰe̞,o̞:'kʰja]
= I don't know right now.

CXS: [s_dg_0e_o: s_dMr`e_o Bip\r`ij\ t_he_o"o_o:'k_hja]

(I usually simplify this nightmare.)

I hope I didn't make any mistake in my IPA transcriptions. I don't know IPA
as well as CXSAMPA... Besides, it's a real PITA to type, so I really hope
the list server won't ruin my efforts!

ji kaçtõlu soe, [ʝiː kʰa.ʂd̥ɔ̞ɽɯ s̪o̞,e̞] (one soon until)

Remi Villatel


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