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Re: Rhys Ifans! Welsh fans, another pronunciation pop question

From:Rene Uittenbogaard <ruittenb@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 1, 2004, 0:37
Mark J. Reed wrote:
> Let me first say that using |u| for the sound marked by the asterisk seems > odd - and I say that with no irony as a native English speaker. :)
Yes, there are several Dutch digraphs whose spellings don't give a hint as to how they are pronounced.
> But I would represent that vowel as either [6_+] or [&_-] (is the _ necessary > for + and - in CXS? Is there an ambiguity in e.g. [6+], [&-]?), depending on > which you feel it is closer to; if it really is halfway between them, > then I'd go with [6+], since the cardinal vowels like [&] have strong > connotations of extremity; in this case, [&] is fully-fronted so [&-] > makes me think "almost fully fronted". > > Likewise, I would go with either [2-] or [8+] for the second vowel. > The diphthong would then be [6+8+]. Or, well, [6+_^8+] or [6+8+_^] > depending on whether it's a rising or a falling diphthong. > > -Marcos
It's a falling diphthong, so [6+8+_^]. Cool. I'm not at all fluent in CXS yet, so it's great to learn something about all those diacritics. Thanks! René