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Re: cases

From:Joe <joe@...>
Date:Sunday, December 1, 2002, 21:04
On Sunday 01 December 2002 8:42 pm, you wrote:
> En réponse à Pavel Iosad <pavel_iosad@...>: > > Or the French of the 14th century (is there a Middle French?), > > Yes. But there is jsut one problem: the two case system had already > disappeared (even in writing) by the middle of the 14th century. You should > talk about Old French if you want to talk about the two-case system :))) . > > whioch > > > had a nicely compact system: > > > > Sg. Pl. > > Direct roy roys > > Oblique roys roy > > But awfully ambiguous, with only one mark for all those forms (and a mark > which was already falling from speech). And it was fully working only for > masculine nouns (as well as those special nouns which had a spcial form for > the singular subject, like: >
Um, yeah...what was the Etymology of those cases?


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