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Re: cases

From:# 1 <salut_vous_autre@...>
Date:Monday, January 24, 2005, 4:35
I just read descriptions of Nominative-accusative, Nominative-absolutive,
Ergative-absolutive, and Tripartite divisions in languages on wikipedia

But it still confuses me because they change with combinaisons of
subject-object, transitive-intransitive, agent-experiencer

so I tried to put it in boards and I'd like you to look if they really
aggree with the general models

It's like this:

Ag = agent
Ex = experiencer
Pa = patient
Si = Subject intransitive
St = subject transitive
Ob = object
No = nominative case
Ac = accusative case
Ab = absolutive case
Er = ergative case
In = intransitive case

I don't fill some case because after reading theta roles description I don't
think these are possible if they are please tell me


      Si  St  Ob

Ag    No  No  --
Ex    No  --  --
Pa    --  --  Ac


      Si  St  Ob

Ag    No  No  --
Ex    Ab  --  --
Pa    --  --  Ab


      Si  St  Ob

Ag    Ab  Er  --
Ex    Ab  --  --
Pa    --  --  Ab


      Si  St  Ob

Ag    Er  Er  --
Ex    In  --  --
Pa    --  --  Ac

Is that correct?

If not it means I didn't understand and in that case I hope you'll help me



Philip Newton <philip.newton@...>