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Re: Case

From:nicole <now-im-nothing@...>
Date:Sunday, July 11, 1999, 20:19
OK, to respond to my own post, I may have come up with a solution to my
problem, tell me if this sounds normal/possible.  (The problem was, that
I liked have all those cases, but it just got to be a pain).  Would it
sound possible for a language with a very extensive case system to have
some but not all cases change into adpositions, which required a case
all their own?  Say, for instance, all my local cases were to detach
from the noun and become postpositions (of course, in this case, my
prepositional case would be postpositional...but anyway), and when a
noun was used with a postposition it required a postpositional case,
which had zero ending?  Maybe I can explain that better...  All my other
cases have suffixes that mark them.  If there was NO marking at all,
then that would be postpositional case (because no suffix was left on
the words after the local cases were detached) and all the postpositions
that the language used would be derived from those original local
cases.  And maybe that would be one dialect of the language, while the
one with many cases would be a different dialect.  The dialect with
cases might be literary, or more for the upper class, who are trying to
retain the way the language was in olden times.  Does this sound
Sorry I explained it in such a roundabout way, but I couldn't help it.