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Re: Case

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Thursday, July 15, 1999, 16:05
On Thu, 15 Jul 1999 00:00:56 +0200 BP Jonsson <bpj@...> writes:
>>>BTW it occurs to me that "Iesus" is irregular in Latin itself. >AFAIK the >>>inflection is borrowed from greek but is irregular there too! Ray? >>It is borrowed from Greek and certainly by classical standards it is >>irregular there also, being of course a borrowing from Aramaic.
>Yes, Yeshua or something like that.
"Yeishu" ['jeSu:] is the common form. If it ended with an _-a_, it's an epenthetic (i think that's the word) [a] stuck in *before* a _`ayin_. Yeishua`. [j@Sua3] or [jeSua3], where [3] is the `ayin. A short form of [j@ho:Sua3], "Joshua" is what i've heard. Substantially different than the verbal noun [j@Su:3O] that the _mitra`eilim_ YSh"V seem to be pushing.
>[*I have no idea why they liked to put Persians into the first >declension >-- onless it was the fact that most Old Persian names ended in -as, in >which case Dareios instead of *Dareias is an anomaly -- but they >obviously did!]
Was the Persian -as actually -as, or is that just how the Greeks wrote it? In Hebrew most of the Persian names i know end in -sh: Darius = Daryavesh Cyrus = Koreish Xerxes = Ahhashveirosh Teresh (a minor character in the Scroll of Esther), i don't know what his English/Greek/Latin name is. Some Hebraicized Persian names that don't end in -sh: Artaxerxes? = Artahhshasta (succeeded Ahhashveirosh) Bigtan (another minor character in Esther) ? = Kanbuzi (succeeded Cyrus) Vashti (another Estherian character) -Stephen (Steg) ___________________________________________________________________ Get the Internet just the way you want it. Free software, free e-mail, and free Internet access for a month! Try Juno Web: