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Re: Case

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Date:Monday, July 12, 1999, 6:27
Dans un courrier dat=E9 du 12/07/99 03:26:39  , Nicole a =E9crit :

> >OK, to respond to my own post, I may have come up with a solution to my > >problem, tell me if this sounds normal/possible. (The problem was, that > >I liked have all those cases, but it just got to be a pain). Would it > >sound possible for a language with a very extensive case system to have > >some but not all cases change into adpositions, which required a case > >all their own? Say, for instance, all my local cases were to detach > >from the noun and become postpositions (of course, in this case, my > >prepositional case would be postpositional...but anyway), and when a > >noun was used with a postposition it required a postpositional case, > >which had zero ending?
well, i'm not as quick as Henry and Jennifer so i didn't understand this yet. any example ? let's say your language is a rare conlang so it's not an ergative one. NOM, ACC =3D nominative, accusative cases ONTO =3D ontosubstatillocative case POST =3D postpositional case (i)(a) is it like : NOM-i put ACC-glass ONTO-table NOM-i put ACC-glass POST-table onto where do you put the adjective to "table" ? (i)(b) or is it like : i-NOM put glass-ACC table-ONTO i-NOM put glass-ACC table-POST onto but then if POST is -0 i can't see the difference except if you put the adjective somewhere after "table". ------------------------------------------------ ;-) line (ii) or is it englishish like : i put glass onto table =3D i put glass table onto (iii) or is it germanisch? like : NOM-i put ACC-glass onto ACC?/DAT?-table NOM-i put ACC-glass (onto) ACC?/DAT?-table onto (iv) or frenchish like : jm=E9lv=E8rsurlatab'ok=E9 ? (v) or SE-asian like : me put glass top table (vi) or dutch like : i put er-daar glass on table er-on daar. mathias