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Re: CHAT: Miscellaneous Nonsense

From:Padraic Brown <pbrown@...>
Date:Friday, August 18, 2000, 16:33
On Thu, 17 Aug 2000, J Matthew Pearson wrote:

>In Los Angeles, a studio apartment is a 1-room apartment with a kitchen >area (stove, sink, fridge). An efficiency (also called a "bachelor >apartment") is a 1-room apartment with no kitchen area--or at least no >stove.
Ah, I see. They probably expect you'll be over to your SO's for dinner most nights. :) Padraic.
>I lived in an efficiency for a while which was about the size of a >walk-in closet. It had a full-sized sink, but only a midget refrigerator >and a hot plate for cooking. > >Matt. >