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CHAT: Miscellaneous Nonsense

From:Danny Wier <dawier@...>
Date:Friday, August 18, 2000, 0:05
Well I stole this idea from Seinfeld, I know.  In one episode Kramer
(my personal lord and savior j/k) "rescued" the old set for the Merv
Griffin Show.

I live in what is often called a "studio apartment" (they call them
"efficiency apartments" in Texas however).  So I think I'm gonna turn
this one-room shanty in a red brick building into my own personal talk
show studio.

Because everyone needs a talk show!  (No Jerry Springer-type subject
matter here; my life is way too boring.)

Whoops, this is CONLANG, isn't it...  sorry for the open brainstorming
(or brainwashing, at least of myself)...

Anyway, a few things I need to say since I'm back in "lurk mode" yet
don't want anyone to know I am.

First of all, why is a "studio apartment" called "studio"?

Second, I have been working on my own style of handwriting, designed
for the European and some other languages, i.e. Cyrillic, Latin, Greek,
Hebrew, and still more later on.  My own handwriting is basically this.
 Though the individual letters are not connected, each letter is
written in one flowing stroke, or two when you have to "dot your I's
and cross your T's".

Some features of this script include the use of the elongated S and
ligatures (like fi, fl, st, German sz > ß).  Also, the thorn and edh I
might revive (or at least the former as an abbreviation of "the", of
course also using the ampersand and at signs).

For influence I'm drawing upon old Gaelic and Fraktur varieties of
Latin, uncial Greek (used for Cyrillic), etc.


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