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A New Toy! elun!

From:Mia Soderquist <tuozin@...>
Date:Saturday, January 1, 2000, 17:40
This whole new year, new century, new kiloyear* thing has me all
inspired to do something new and fun. So, my new, fun thing is
temporarily being called elun, a language based on ea-luna**.
Here's what I am a-gonna do:

I'm adding some new consonants: h, ' (glottal stop), x/kh/ch...
and I think maybe s. I've found that the lack of 's' is my
biggest obstacle in borrowing and transliterating from other
languages that I know. But I'd feel like if I had 's' that I'd
have to add 'z' too, to preserve part of the ea-luna-ness of
elun. I'll think about that some more while I am driving to and
from dinner at my mother's today. I may throw in at least hl and
maybe hr for initial position use only. More to think about.

I'm going to allow words to have final consonants... But probably
only l, m and n. I'm really torn on this issue, but that is the
way that I am leaning. My other thought would be to allow any
consonant to appear in the final position. I have mixed feelings,
so to start with I will stick with m and n, and then see if I
want to add any more.

Plurals will come back in the form of a final -l suffix. (If you
have been around long enough and for some bizarre reason have
kept in your mind the development of ea-luna, you will recall
that the plural was once upon a time formed with -le, but this
was confusing with so many words ending in -le otherwise, so the
plural form was dropped altogether and declared to be 'archaic',
only appearing in a few selected words.) The definite article has
lost it's -a and is now a prefix. The indefinite article may yet

And (happily) I'll be doing putting it all down in the computer
and sharing it with yous guys on the Web. :)

* I am so burnt out on the M word that I can't bear it, hence
this substitution.
** ea-luna remains my main language and will continue developing
on its own path, just the way it has for almost 4 years, through
many other language start-ups (and subsequent language


Mia Soderquist (
ide bani ea-leli ene ua legi la, ua ide leri la dade lia
dike ida nuku ua kede.
(ma rage ea-luna!)