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TRANS: The Millennium Resolution (was: New Year festivities)

From:FFlores <fflores@...>
Date:Saturday, January 1, 2000, 16:44
andrew <hobbit@...> wrote:

> The Millenium Resolution > > Let there be respect for the earth, peace for its people, love in our > lives, Delight in the good, Forgiveness of past wrongs, And from now on > A new start
I love it! Let me try: =================================================================== Guénduthises Lüstris Thüaster na olmon i silóp, na bün pios i slem, nian gadhür i tur, en i tòkmal i thanen, i itolles adrûl, tel lif famp funtel nambal i klivar. =================================================================== * _i_, lots of functions (nominalizing, loose genitive) GEN genitive NEU neuter/neutral PSS possessive SBJ subjunctive UNQ unique singular, definite sense Guénduthises Lüstris thousand+year.UNQ.GEN Voicing.UNQ 'The Spoken-Out-Loud-Proposal of the Thousand-Year-(Time)' <lüs-> 'voice, speech' -- _lüsten_ 'to propose out loud (as in an assembly)', verbal noun _lüstar_, the -a- is regularly syncoped when adding <-is>. A thousand year period is _guenduth_, from <gues-> '1000' and the old root <ndu:sh-> 'year, cycle' (modern _dùth_). So this is not an anniversary... The title could be interpreted as 'The Proposal for the (Next) Thousand Years'. Thüaster na olmon i silóp, na bün pios i slem, there_be.3sSBJ to world * respect to 3NEU.PSS people * peace 'Let there be respect for the world, peace for its people,' I use _olmon_ 'world' because _dhrith_ 'land, earth' doesn't convey a 'universal' sense. nian gadhür i tur, en i tòkmal i thanen, 1s-.PSS lives.LOC * love about * ethical * joy 'love in our lives, joy about what's good,' 'Good' must be the most difficult word to translate. I chose to use the root <tòkm-> 'good, correct, ethical' or even 'decent, appropriate'. This culture has a diffuse concept of good and evil -- not connected with religion or morality as we understand it. i itolles adrûl, tel lif famp * unethical.GEN un+carrying then from now 'forgiveness of the wrong things, and from now' Same for <itól-> 'bad, unethical, incorrect'. I preferred it instead of <tar(k)-> 'bad, evil'. As for 'forgiveness', <ad-> is a negative prefix, <rul-> means 'carry along the way, wear, transport' and by extension 'be burdened with', and to forgive is to take the burden off someone. funtel nambal i klivar. then_on new * beginning 'and then on a new start.' And just as a test, and so that you can see the similarities, in Curco: =================================================================== Wendus na-vyr fi-Lysta Ar va neis-onzis silów, navyn pjos sjem, njan hazyr tur, vis-touncal sanen, insj-itólyl azróul, til fun lis fam i-nambal cjiva. =================================================================== --Pablo Flores