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Re: Idoru

From:Douglas Koller, Latin & French <latinfrench@...>
Date:Monday, March 11, 2002, 22:28
Matt (MES) wrote:

>Just my opinion as I guess I can be classified a >Japanophone even if not native, but I would say NO. > >"Idol" is said with a long i in English, and the >Japanized form would try to maintain as much of the >original within its own acceptable framework as >possible. Therefore, as long i can be supported in >Japanese by _ai_, (whereas _i_ in Romanized Japanese >refers to the traditional Romance langs i), it would >be "aidoru". > >About 99% certain, but I'd need to confirm that 1% >doubt with my personal JPN teacher :-)... Not to >mention, I have a sneaking suspicion that a kanji >version (ie, more Japaneseque word) may exist for this >meaning. > >[That's a common feature, that an older native word >exists, but that the English-borrowed version now >exists and may be more common in use nowadays --- we, >Americans, are destroying 'em :-/ ]
Dadadataa! Kanji to the rescue! There are kanji for "idol" ("guuzoo" [from Chinese "ou3xiang4]; "guu" is the same "guu" as in "haiguusya", "spouse"; "zoo" looks its homonym "elephant" but with the person radical). But that's like, you know, a Buddha or a golden calf. If you want to talk about the studpuppy du jour, you use "aidoru". In Chinese, however, "ou3xiang4" is used in both senses. Least that's the way I learned it, Kou