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Re: OT: My wedding pictures

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Tuesday, August 5, 2003, 17:12
Jan van Steenbergen scripsit:

> > (I, too, am a fanatic drinker of milk--nothing wrong with that. Go through > > two gallons--7.5l--a week.) > > How much is that in litres? I'm used to two - three litres a day, sometimes > more (max. 5, I think).
By "7.5l" he means, indeed, 7.5 liters. The U.S. customary gallon is 3.79 liters, the Imperial gallon is 4.55 liters.
> "My dad is a drunk and my mother a whore, no wonder we're so devastatingly > poor."
This actually rhymes in some varieties of American English, those that make the keywords [hu@\r] and [pu\@r]. The spelling pronunciation [hOr\] is more normal for the former, however. Some writers use the spelling "hoor" to represent dialects that use [hu\r] -- usually stigmatized ones, though an English professor of mine said it. -- Yes, chili in the eye is bad, but so is your John Cowan ear. However, I would suggest you wash your hands thoroughly before going to the toilet. --gadicath


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