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From:Roger Mills <romilly@...>
Date:Friday, May 11, 2001, 22:11
Daniel44 wrote:
>I wonder how natlangs and conlangs would translate sentences such as: > >"He ran as fast as he could ..." > >"She was as old as he was.">
Indonesian: ia (ber)lari secepat mungkin "he ran [se- 'a (or same?)', cepat 'fast', mungkin 'possible']"; iya seumurnya 'he/she [a/same age] +nya 'of him/her'-- only context could distinguish the genders; you could also say mereka seumur 'they are the same age'; with nouns: Siti seumur Ali 'Siti is the same age as Ali'
> >On an unrelated note, my boyfriend accidentally trod on our cat the other >night, no harm done fortunately, and in his tiredness he called her 'silly >cow'!!!! I thought it was amusing anyway...>
Are you sure he wasn't castigating himself for his clumsiness? After all, it wasn't the cat's fault. ;-)


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