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Re: Pigdin langs?

From:Andreas Johansson <and_yo@...>
Date:Friday, April 5, 2002, 17:51
Danny Wier wrote:
>From: "Elliott Belser" <renyard@...> > >| Hmmn... something minor, but still. I'm doing a report on Black >| (that is, African-American) English and how it relates to African >| languages and Portugese. It occurred to me that learning about >| pidgins would help me craft some for the Ng'anda'u trying to learn >| English... so that Kiras' speech in one of my stories: > >You probably read my posts on Lanka, my *attempt* at devising a human >language >for a pre-human primate species. The idea is to make the language simple as >possible, and my idea for phonology and grammar is "one dimensional". >There's no >phonemic voiceless-voiced distinction (just voicing of the normally >voiceless >stops and sibilant in between vowels), for example; neither are there >subordinate or relative clauses. Everything is meant to be "linear" in >thought >process. And I also mentioned the partial use of sign language in tandem >with >spoken word. > >Though I'm still not solidly decided on this, I'm using the Basic English >wordlist, with occasional French words if they're easier to pronounce (a >"Basic >French" for what it's worth).
Don't forget Basic Slovak! (Somebody suggested a dumbed-down version of Slovak called that as an IAL, but I don't know how seriously.) Andreas _________________________________________________________________ Send and receive Hotmail on your mobile device: