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Re: Gutenberg Bible not avail. in plain text?

From:Jim Henry <jimhenry1973@...>
Date:Wednesday, June 21, 2006, 12:13
On 6/20/06, Wesley Parish <wes.parish@...> wrote:
> Well, FWIW, there are quite a large assortment of Latin translations and > retransaltions of the Bible around. John Calvin reportedly did one himself, and
> What edition is the biblegateway one?
I wondered if Henrik might have been comparing Jerome's Vulgate with the New Vulgate. The Navarre Bible commentary includes the New Vulgate along with English or Spanish; its text for Gen 11:9 is: Et idcirco vocatum est nomen eius Babel, quia confusum est labium universae terrae.... That looks the same as the text at as far as I've compared them (just in this verse). I checked the version information at
>>The Vulgate present on the Bible Gateway is the fourth edition of
the Biblia Sacra iuxta vulgatam versionem. It was originally published in 1969, and this fourth edition was released in 1994. << In other words, it's the New Vulgate - Jerome's translation revised in the 1960s and later by modern scholars - though BibleGateway doesn't use that term. Apparently there were a number of variations in the various Vulgate manuscripts in use before the Council of Trent, which ordered a standardized text to be compiled by comparison of the variants: the Clementine Vulgate of 1592. Gutenberg's Vulgate follows a different manuscript variant in this passage than was selected by the editors of the Clementine Vulgate or the Nova Vulgata. Here is the Clementine Vulgate's text: 11:9 Et idcirco vocatum est nomen ejus Babel, quia ibi confusum est labium universæ terræ : et inde dispersit eos Dominus super faciem cunctarum regionum. Pretty near identical to the Nova Vulgata in this verse, but different from Gutenberg's Vulgate. -- Jim Henry