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Re: OT: Brazilian Portuguese help (LONG, sorry)

From:Roger Mills <rfmilly@...>
Date:Tuesday, October 31, 2006, 21:11
My greatest thanks to Antonielly Garcia Rodrigues and the private message
from Haggen Kennedy for their full and informative explications of the
text!! It increases my appreciation of the song 1000%.

It was my great pleasure, in 1967-- oh so long ago-- to spend about 3 weeks
no vosso pais tão belo-- São Paulo, Rio, and a quick trip to then-new
Brasilia. I had intended to go to Salvador, even Belem and possibly Manaus,
and/or Fortaleza-- but Brazil came at the end of a 3 month trip, and I
simply got very tired of airplanes and travel. My loss.

I seem to have had a fascination with South America for a long time, perhaps
first inspired in childhood by the Disney movie about los tres caballeros
:-) which led ultimately to my concentration in Spanish, and beginnings in
Romance Linguistics-- but I got side-tracked to Indonesia (at least the same
warm climate and lovely people :-) ). Have read a lot of the history on my
own, since universities up here (in the olden days) didn't offer any

Two movies from Brazil have impressed me no end: the 1950s "O Cangaceiro"
(beautiful music, but no longer available here), and "Orfeu Negro", at the
end of which I cry unabashedly.

When I was in Brazil, I mainly got by in Spanish ~improvised Portuguese, no
doubt offending many, but occasionally amusing them. What little further
knowledge of Port. I have is, oddly, from perusing grammars and dictionaries
of languages of the Indonesian Timor area, produced by Catholic missionaries
way back in the 1900s.

Viva o Brasil!!

Muito obrigado,