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Re: USAGE: Vulgate (was: Slezan)

From:Costentin Cornomorus <elemtilas@...>
Date:Monday, February 2, 2004, 0:11
--- Ray Brown <ray.brown@...> wrote:

> *Thus 'Vulgar Latin' IMO is not the best name > for the reconstructed > language; Proto-Romance would, I think, be less > misleading or maybe > even better 'Romanic' <-- 'lingua Romanica' (a > term actually used). > But it's difficult to change established usage.
I agree - and the usage is changing. I've seen "Proto-Romance" more often in newer works. Padraic. ===== kâsu ñomklyu tsrasi&#347;&#347;i &#347;äk kälymentwam! -- Punyavantajâtaka -- Ill Bethisad -- <> Come visit The World! -- <> .