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Re: Conpunct

From:lucasso <lucasso@...>
Date:Wednesday, December 9, 1998, 13:39
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Od: Garrett <3jones@...>
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Data: 8 grudnia 1998 02:28
Temat: Re: Conpunct

>By the time you get to the point where the voice would be rising, you >would be close enough to see the question mark at the end... >
i do not know english enough, but can't you ask: SHOPS are open? not only: shops are OPEN? or even: SHOPS ARE OPEN? (i don't belive any of your words :) ) with rising on every word note that we can't figure out, about what author of the sentence have asked... so maybe we should write: ?shops? are open. shops are ?open? ?shops are open? -- (