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Re: [YAEUT] Lexical variation survey

From:ROGER MILLS <rfmilly@...>
Date:Sunday, May 4, 2008, 21:28
Kelly Drinkwater wrote:
>Date of birth: May 23, 1934 >Sex: M >Where do you currently live? Saugatuck MI, USA >Please list the places you've lived between age 4 and age 18, with the >most recent first: Sioux Falls SD to age 15, school-years in Concord NH >15-18 (it's since then that I've really wandered..........) >Occupation: Retired (don't ask from what :-)))) >Highest level of education completed: PhD (Linguistics) >Ethnic heritage: WASP > >What is/are your native language(s)? English > >Roughly how many years have you been conlanging or studying linguistics? >Informally since High School days, formally (grad school) 7 years, and >informally again thereafter > >How many years ago did you first encounter / begin reading (not >necessarily join / begin posting on) an online conlanging community? 9 yrs >ago. > >For each of the following items, please choose which word you use most >often, or put the word you do use if it's not a choice. Feel free to >leave comments if some aspect of your usage is noteworthy > >1. the metal device over a sink or bathtub that controls the flow of water: >faucet, > >2. the apparatus from which you'd get a drink of water in a public place: >water fountain > >3. the device that firefighters attach their hoses to: >fire hydrant, (fire plug when a child) > >4. the container in which you'd put water for washing the car or the floor: >bucket, pail both > >5. a machine that performs banking services: >ATM, money machine, > >6. stuff you throw away: >garbage, MOSTLY // trash doesn't include food wastes > >7. the wheeled conveyance you put your groceries in while shopping: >cart (The industry calls these "bascarts" ugh) > >8. a shallow pan for frying eggs or meat: >frying pan, skillet, > >9. a piece of chocolate, 4-6 inches long: >candy bar, chocolate bar -- Like David P, the latter only if it's all >chocolate > >10. a carbonated, non-alcoholic beverage, like Coke or Sprite: >pop as a child; soda now > >11. cooking outside over a charcoal grill in the summertime: >Usually, "cook/grill outside"-- having a cookout implies a party > >12. a cold sandwich on a foot-long roll: >sub(marine), hero, (all the terms given mystified me at first hearing in >college years; I don't eat these very often........) > >13. the sweet, creamy layer on top of a cake: >frosting, icing BOTH but probably with preference for frosting > >14. your main evening meal: >dinner (relatively substantial); supper if I'm lazy and it's soup and a >sandwich....... > >15. food picked up and taken home to eat: >, take-out > >16. an appliance on which you heat food in saucepans: >, stove > >17. knives, forks, and spoons: >silverware (Facetious: tools) > >18. contact someone by telephone: >call, phone, > >19. the toilet facilities in a public place: >men's room, restroom, though it can depend on the formality of the place.
>20. athletic shoes worn with jeans as casual footwear: >sneakers NOW, but tennis shoes maybe up to around 1960 or so > >21. a sweatshirt with front pockets and a hood: >hooded sweatshirt, (have certainly heard "hoodie", it seems to have >pejorative connotations) > >22. a piece of furniture that seats 3 people: >sofa > >23. a piece of furniture with drawers for socks, underwear, etc.: >chest of drawers, dresser, > >24. the last letter of the alphabet: >zee > >25. the place where you pay for something in a store: >check-out (mostly nowadays; in olden times, you paid at the cash-register >at the counter where you bought the stuff ) >
One you might have included-- The kitchen appliance where food is kept cold: icebox, fridge, etc... (though icebox is VERY older generation; maybe not distinctive anymore)
>Thanks so much for participating!
De nada