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Re: _ _ _ _Re:_Metrical_Stress,_Feet,_ etc.

From:John L. Leland <lelandconlang@...>
Date:Friday, February 13, 2004, 22:55
In a message dated 2/9/04 12:48:39 AM Pacific Standard Time,
herodote92@YAHOO.COM writes:

<< 1) C’est bien. Tout ce qui n’est pas moi vaut mieux
 que moi. (Victor Hugo)
 2) Un soir, t’en souvient-il, nous voguions en
 silence. (Lamartine)

 The 1st one has absolutely no musicality. It is
 composed of monosyllables only, the cesure, if any,
 would be after the 2nd syllable (?), then they would
 be a secundary stress on the 8th, but you have to
 count on your fingers to make it out. It is simply
 dreadful. As it happens, this verse belongs to theatre
 (Hernani). >>

Your response to Hernani reminds me of the critic at the time who wrote "You
can see the orgy begin in the first line, and it doesn't even scan!"  IIRC
John Leland