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Re: NAT: Scandinavian word order

From:Markus Miekk-oja <torpet@...>
Date:Wednesday, January 12, 2000, 18:43
> >I will just note that the examples from other Germanic languages have > >counterfactual conditions, and use subjunctive verb forms (or their > >replacements). Except for Miekko's nonstandard Österbottniska example. > > Yes, it is notable that in the Scandinavian construction the condition is > expected to be/come true! It is however also still different from Old > Norse where, as I said, non-conditional V1 sentences arise from dropping
> sentence-initial temporal adverb, e.g. "Nú ferr konungr til Danmarkar" -> > "Ferr Ólafr til Danmarkar" '(Now) Olav goes to Denmark".
Most times, that is also true with Österbottniska. However, that probably doesn't account for every dialect between Kristinestad and Jakobstad. My example may be considered strange, in several parts of Österbotten, though here around it's okay with most people. (most sentences constructed that way are indeed counterfactual, and I think that regulation is coming back slowly). There's another nonstandard thing about conditional sentences here, (which my teachers hate(d)). The use of subjunctive both in the conditional and 'other part' of a such sentence. (couldn't recall the English word). (did I say most of my teachers've been prescrivists?) -- M i e k k o