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Cantonal spelling, take 2

From:John Cowan <cowan@...>
Date:Friday, September 28, 2001, 4:51
Okay, here's the next version of Cantonal spelling:

Initials:  b d g gw, p t k kw, z c s, f h, m n ng, l, w y.
Sidney Lau except for z instead of j, c instead of ch (HYPY compatibility)

Main vowels:  a aa e eu i o oo u ue.  Sidney Lau.

Tones 4, 5, 6 (interdialectal 2, 4, 6) are signalled by h after the vowel.
If the final consonant is -i or -u, the -h follows it.

The remaining final and tone information as follows:

Tone            1 or 4          2 or 5          3 or 6
Interdialectal  1=7a=0 or 2     3=* or 4        5=7b or 6=8
                ---             rr              r
                u               ww              w
                i               yy              y
                m               mm              rm
                n               nn              rn
                ng              nng             rng
                b               pp              p
                d               tt              t
                g               kk              k

More text:

Sigzihk gorrzahrn sirr, yahww yadgor yahn, zeukzuehr yadgihrn
nuehnn'neuhnnker ceuhngpoww haih gor suer ginggwor.  Keuhyy
leuhnng'gor zahw cihngyuenn lahp yeuk, yueh'gworr bin'gor
yahww bunnsihr nahng sin sayydag gorrgor yahn ceuihzorr keuhyy gorrgihrn
poww, zahw suern bingorger bunnsihr taahy.

I am still not happy with -rr, which is what regularity demands; it is
one thing to interpret r as a silent tonal letter, quite another to
interpret rr that way, somehow.

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