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Liking German

From:Heather Rice <florarroz@...>
Date:Friday, September 28, 2001, 3:21
I forgot which email the discussion about liking to
listen to German originated, or I would have attached
this email to it.  Anyway, I read all ya'lls responses
about your prefrences - whether you thought German was
pretty to listen to or not.  After I read them I tuned
into a German radio station, and all I can say about
it is that it sounds like they are talking with mashed
potatoes in their mouths.  But this may be only a
trate of German reporters, because I do know a couple
beautiful German songs.  But still. . .(Irish sounds
like their mounths are full of *cold* mashed potatoes.

I like the rough -ch sound (like in Bach), but somehow
I think German just does something too much.  Quechua
uses this sound (ch) and I like how they sound.
Quechua is like taking the stacatto of Spanish and
smudging it up a bit.

Anyway, I also wanted to say something in praise of
German.  There was a sound somewhere in there that I
really liked.  I don't know what it was (I think it
was a vowel, somewhere around a) but it just seemed to
me to hold a unusual amount of "German spirit" in it.
It must be the tone, pitch or vowel, or something,
because I have heard it in a German speaking English.
Is there such a thing as a sound being especially full
of a certain language, seemingly to hold all the
essence of that language?


P.S.  I also know a very beautiful Irish song, which I
love to sing.  But its sort of sad, because I don't
know Irish, and I haven't been able find a
translation.  Its called "Glen Na Smol"

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