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Re: Orthography Question

From:Eric Christopherson <eric@...>
Date:Sunday, November 8, 1998, 20:50
Steg Belsky wrote:
> So, here's the problem. I have a friend who just moved to NYC from > Belgium a few years ago. Her name is Ire`ne, pronounced correctly as far > as i can tell as /iREn/ , where /R/ is the French "r". (most people just > call her /ajri:n/) > I've figured out two possible ways of representing her name in > Rokbeigalmki: > > _ir~en_ /i*En/ (* = flap R) : this uses the normal Rokbeigalmki type of > "r" sound, which is a flap R very unlike the French R (what is the French > R exactly?) > > _igh~en_ /iGEn/ (G = velar voiced fricative) : this uses a different > Rokbeigalmki sound, <gh>, which sounds much closer to the actual R sound > of Ire`ne. > > So, does anyone have a preference / suggestion for which i should use? > How do you represent foreign words/names in your conlangs? > > -Stephen (Steg)
I would use /iGEn/, assuming that fits into your system and doesn't "sound funny" (of course, foreign names often sound funny, so maybe that would be good). I believe the French R is a uvular voiced fricative, so a velar voiced fricative would be pretty close. I think the idea of using a ~ is very interesting. Never thought of that myself. The closest equivalent I can think of in any natlang is how Japanese uses katakana to represent foreign words (except for Chinese words borrowed long ago).