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Re: Negation raising (was: introduction)

From:John Cowan <jcowan@...>
Date:Thursday, August 1, 2002, 1:25
Me thought people might want to hear the lines from _Troilus and Criseyde_
as well as see them, so herewith some best-effort IPA:


> For whiche him thoughte he felte his herte blede.
> He seyde eek thus, `I woot, yow thinketh straunge,
> Lest he may thinke that ye him eschuwe.
[] -- John Cowan <jcowan@...> "Any legal document draws most of its meaning from context. A telegram that says 'SELL HUNDRED THOUSAND SHARES IBM SHORT' (only 190 bits in 5-bit Baudot code plus appropriate headers) is as good a legal document as any, even sans digital signature." --me