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Re: A funny linguistic subway experience

From:Sven Sommerfeld <sven.sommerfeld@...>
Date:Tuesday, November 28, 2000, 20:54
> `Sonnabend' is older German. Today, everyone says `Samstag'.
That's true but in northern (and eastern) Germany "Sonnabend" ist still used, I think. I've got many relatives in Berlin and they've always used "Sonnabend", though it's changing at the moment...
> **Henrik
Has anyone considered of the /r/-problem in Germany? I 'test' it wherever I go. I've never recognised the so-called "German" /r/ [R], a uvular trill. Never. Nowhere. In western Germany 'Rheinland' the "French" /r/ [R^] (capital <R> upside down) is commonly used and seems even frequently used in other parts of Germany. In the south and in the north they pronounce /r/ [r], a simple alveolar trill. So why do they call [R] the "German" /r/??? Regards --Sven