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Re: Ladino Proverbs and Sayings (Waaay long!)

From:Steg Belsky <draqonfayir@...>
Date:Friday, December 10, 1999, 20:43
On Thu, 9 Dec 1999 23:45:59 -0300 FFlores <fflores@...> writes:
> Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...> wrote: > > > 7. Roba pitas, besa _mesusot_. > > > He steals bread, and kisses the mezuzah. > > > > I like this one, a proverb on hypocricy, I take it? > > And what are _pitas_?
> --Pablo Flores >
. Pita is a middle-eastern flat bread, circular in shape. You can cut it in half or cut off a piece and then pull the sides apart to form a pocket, and put stuff inside for a sandwich. That's how felafel and shawarma sandwiches are made. -Stephen (Steg) "Eze-guvdhab wa'hrikh-a tze, / "zhoutzii wa'esh," i eze-mwe." ___________________________________________________________________ Why pay more to get Web access? Try Juno for FREE -- then it's just $9.95/month if you act NOW! Get your free software today: