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Re: Ladino Proverbs and Sayings (Waaay long!)

From:Nik Taylor <fortytwo@...>
Date:Friday, December 10, 1999, 19:59
FFlores wrote:
> From the Quixote: '=A1Non fuyades, cobardes!' (=3D 'No huy=E1is'). :-)
Interesting. So the _d_ stayed for some time in the 2nd plural? I'd always thought that that was a very early casualty.
> Oh! Was it _onde_ in the first place? _De onde_?
Yep, _donde_ was originally "from where", _de onde_
> Many people say /onde/ nowadays; and _adonde_ tends to become /ande/.
Hmm, I'd've thought that _adonde_ would become something like /aunde/.=20 Interesting.
> It seems we're reiterating the sound change cycle from Latin to Spanish > here;
Yeah, fascinating process.
> And another <s> for <z> (or <c> or <=E7>).
I wonder if Ladino makes no distinction between the two? If so, then it would merely be an alternate spelling. As Christophe has said, Ladino seems to be VERY close to Spanish.=20 Perhaps analagous to the way that some Jewish people will use a lot of Yiddish words in their speach. --=20 Today: 809/8/24 1/3/14/4/21 ICQ: 18656696 AIM Screen-Name: NikTailor