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Dacán -- a new romance lang.

From:Elliott Lash <al260@...>
Date:Friday, December 1, 2000, 1:01
    I am introducing in this post a new Romance language, called Dacán
/DatS'a"n/  that I was  inspired to do after reading several of the posts
that are going these days on the list. The only thing that I can say firmly
about it's history
is that it is spoken somewhere near where modern Romanian is spoken,
though perhaps a bit more to the east.
    It is very Slavic influenced (not only in phonology, but also in
I am going to start off a little oddly since I haven't worked out all the
kinks in
the phonological systems. I present here the number system as it stands. I'm
hoping any one out there with knowledge of  the Slavic Number System (if that
indeed is a term), can help me out with them. General comments are also very
much welcome.

unz   una             /wU:nz/   /wU:n@/
dou  due              /dOU/       /dU:E/
tris   trá               /tr'Is/    /tr'{/
padur                  /padU"r/
cimbe                  /tS'ImbE/
sis                        /S'Is/
sidi                      /S'Id'/
udi                       /wU:d'/
novi                    /nO:v'/
dici                      /d'ItS'/
undici                 /wUnd'I"tS'/
dodici                 /dOd'I"tS'/
tridici                /tr'Id'I"tS'/
paddici              /p@d'I"tS'/  (with haplology from padurdici)
pindici              /p'Ind'I"tS'/
sidici                  /S'Id'I"tS'/
dici i sidi           /d'ItSIS'I"d'/
dici i udi            /d'ItSIwU:d'/       dodivinti  /dOd'Iv'I"nt'/
dici i novi          /d'ItSInO:v'/      undivinti   /wUnd'Iv'I"nt'/
vinti                  /v'Int'/

    The alternates, dodivinti and undivinti are reserved for more formal
affairs, and have no place in the modern spoken language. (I was wondering,
these be used in a sort of church language?
    Finally, the /w/ in the beginning of words that begin with /U/ is really
a labial
on-glide, much like the /'/ in front of /I/. I'm not sure how to write this.

And once again, any and all comments are welcome!