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Auxlang and world peace

From:abrigon <abrigon@...>
Date:Thursday, November 18, 1999, 9:40
I will agree that having the same lingo does not mean common peace. I do
know that if the two sides are willing to learn a new auxlang then they
have the wish to do more than just kill each other. After all learning a
lingo is a way to know how others think, as well as alot of work just so
you can kill someone else who speaks it!?

And sadly the troops who tried to bring about peace in the trenches were
threatened by their governments with death if they did not kill the
enemy.. So basically it is not the common persons who want the wars, it
is the governments, and if the common people could realize how much
power they really have, they will force those same said governments to
not go to war. Communications is the key or part of it.
The troops on both side though speaking two different lingos, each spoke
the same basic lingo, one of common people, and not wishing for war, and
wanting peace, sharing common culture in some ways, or atleast dreams.
Maybe that is what creating an Auxlang is all about, helping people
communicate, to break down the barriers of ignorance, of lack of knowing
that they are not alone.I think if the common soldiers had realized how
much support they would have gotten from the other side, to see beyond
the crap their governments were feeding them, they may just have made
common cause and thrown out those governments who cared little for their
lives, since they threw them away with such abandonment, example
Gallipoli (major reason for US troops to not be put under a foreign
commander, ask the ANZAC about it).


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